About Us

International Wealth Group (IWG) was born out of the need for transparent international financial solutions that offer genuine value and professional financial management to a globalized professional workforce.

Our Company philosophy

Peace of mind for your future

Our philosophy is a simple belief that investing today will build wealth, sustainability and peace of mind for the future.

This is achieved by active management and investment strategies that are research driven.

Our objective is to distil undervalued assets from the universe of traded investments, looking for companies we believe have a brighter long-term future than what their current price suggests.


Our Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee establishes and monitors our investment strategy.

They assess investment results and adapt to leverage opportunities and to control risk.

The committee continually review compliance issues to ensure our investment strategies comply with regulation and meet with our objectives.

Our Investment Committee works to a set of clear guidelines that outline criteria for the credit quality, value, liquidity and overall risk characteristics of our portfolios.

This will include limitations on size and types of security trades. The list below defines some of our considerations;

  • Management quality: we look for companies with a management team we believe in
  • Market health: companies in growth markets command higher valuations than stagnating ones; and we take market cycles into account
  • Relative Market position: we do like the benefits of scale and scope strong market positions bring
  • Financial health: we look for companies with strong balance sheets that can survive a bad surprise or a market downturn

All of the above is in the context of the attractiveness of the valuation relative to the profits, the cash flow, the dividend and the book value of the company. When it comes to the buying and selling of particular positions, we complement the fundamental selection process with technical analysis, to ensure value protection and identify timing opportunities.


Our Leadership

Clare Summerfield

Clare Summerfield

Founder and Board Member

Clare is a specialist in international financial management and has worked throughout Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany and France. Clare’s experience extends across many fields of the financial sector to include corporate finance, asset and wealth management, real estate, and inheritance planning.

Clare assists private clients who hold multi-jurisdictional assets and multi-national corporations with their employee benefits.  Consequently, Clare understands the unique financial and planning challenges that international clients face. When she established the company her vision was to support clients with a uniquely independent and ethical financial management service.

After graduating in Business and Accounting, Clare started her career at Guardian Royal Exchange in Dublin, Ireland.  Moving into education where she lectured on Business and Economics in the UK before returning to the financial services industry. Clare is an advocate of continual personal training and education, she holds a Diploma in Financial Advice, CISI Diploma in Securities and Investments and holds a Masters in Finance and Investments, Investment Banking and Capital Markets.

Dr. Florian Rabe

Dr. Florian Rabe

Portfolio Manager

Florian is the Head of Investment Management at IWG.
He worked with the Royal Dutch Shell Group for more than 20 years in a large variety of Finance Manager / Finance Director roles before becoming a financial consultant focused on financial planning and advice for individuals, particularly international clients, followed by him taking on the role as Investment Manager at IWG.

He has worked in a broad range of countries in Europe and Asia, giving him intimate insight into global markets. ​​

Florian has a passion for capital markets and has built his experience dealing with complex financial instruments over decades. Aligned with the vision of IWG, he stands for the delivery of a completely flexible and ethical financial management service, providing solutions for clients on the basis of a thorough analysis of their needs and a long term approach to their financial planning.

By education, Florian is a trained banker and holds a master degree in Economics as well as a Dr. oec. from Switzerland.

I.W.G. International Wealth Group Ltd (IWG) is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and   Exchange Commission,

License no. 380/19 as a Cyprus Investment Firm. Regulation & Client Protection

The value of any investment may go up or down in value, information on past performance does not guarantee future performance, the use of historical data does not constitute a binding or safe forecast as to the future performance.