Financial Planning

Investment management and financial planning the right way!


Customized Financial Planning & Investing

Life is full of twists and turns; life partners, children, and elder parents to care for, changes in employment and marital status, successes and challenges in business and investment, all combine to make the future uncertain but full of possibilities.


Financial planning

The IWG financial planning process recognizes this uncertainty and understands that a comprehensive plan that adapts as your situation will change with time. Realizing future goals and dreams and providing for those who depend on you is greatly enhanced with guidance from an IWG professional and a carefully monitored personalized financial plan.


Portfolio Management Service

Our Financial Planning Service is combined with our Portfolio Management Service. In this manner, we can not only help you outline a plan to meet your financial goals, we can also help you realize the investment performance necessary to fulfill the portfolio return requirements projected in your financial plan and make adjustments to your investment strategy as time goes on.

Cross-border issues

Global Workforce 

If you are an international professional your financial planning sometimes can be span across jurisdictions and requires specialist advice. 

IWG can help. 


Financial Modeling

We use financial modeling technology to give you the most comprehensive picture possible of how you can attain future goals that addresses the inherent uncertainty in investment returns and life span that can help to quantify the probability of reaching each goal.

"'Planning is bringing the future into the present, so that you can do something about it now' "

Alan Lakein

Protect your family

Inheritance Planning

Protecting your assets to ensure your family is protected requires sensitive and timely planning.
We work closely with our clients to develop a strategy that considers succession issues, taxation and family arrangements.
With our international scope and experience we assist our clients both domestically and internationally.

Protect Your Future


Savings ensure that you continue to prepare for the future.

They should be securely and diversely invested to work with your objectives, time frame and within your appetite for risk. We save for many reasons; the one common thread is the peace of mind and freedom from worry about life’s surprises.  We all work hard for our income so it is nice when we see our money working harder for us.  Saving into a diversified fund based regular savings plan can offer superior returns in a low interest rate environment.

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