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Our company prospers as a result of building trusting relationships with our clients.

We build and maintain trust by ensuring that our recommendations are appropriate based upon each client’s personal profile, by clearly explaining investment strategies, and by monitoring our client’s accounts performance against suitable benchmarks.

Before becoming an IWG client, it is important that you feel comfortable with our services and philosophy towards portfolio management and financial planning, and that we feel comfortable having you as a client. The purpose of the initial consultation is to meet, either in person or virtually, and discuss whether our services are appropriate for you.

The initial meeting can be conducted by conference call or in person at our offices or at another mutually-convenient location. There is no fee or obligation for this consultation. 

How it Works

Topics to discuss might include:

Solutions for your future

Retirement Income 

Your retirement income needs to be sufficient to enable you and your dependents to live in the style to which you are accustomed.

Traditional retirement products such as annuities may not be ideal and state pension plans may not be sufficient to meet your retirement needs. Retirement plans that allow a flexible drawdown while the balance remains invested may provide a steady income stream to make up any shortfalls and help protect your retirement income. 


Diversifying investments globally or amongst asset classes

An intelligently diversified portfolio can mitigate risk without sacrificing potential returns, or can enhance returns without increasing risk. 

Risk Management

Optimizing investment strategy for various market conditions

Risk management is the cornerstone of a successful investment plan. Proper use of diversification and asset allocation strategies may help protect your investments and optimize returns within your risk profile. 


Lifestyle transition management

When you are faced with an event that changes your lifestyle and demands a re-evaluation of your financial plan, that is a good time to speak with an IWG advisor.
Perhaps you now have less time or desire to manage your investments, or maybe you are trying to deal with such issues for the first time, or your situation has suddenly become more complex.

Your needs might be quite different from another’s, even under similar circumstances. At IWG we analyze your specific situation, propose customized solutions, and work with you to put in place and monitor our recommendations to ensure they remain appropriate over time.


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