Investment Management

Discretionary management frees you from the time commitment necessary to successfully research and oversee an investment portfolio.

Our Portfolio Management service is intended for clients who wish to leave the day-to-day supervision of their investments in the hands of a professional.
An IWG Advisor assists you in selecting an investment strategy that is appropriate for your goals and needs.

The portfolio manager puts the strategy into effect and supervises your investments on a day-to-day basis. You will receive quarterly statements on your portfolios and your advisor will provide a comprehensive yearly performance review.
Discretionary management frees you from the time commitment necessary to successfully research and oversee an investment portfolio.

Even if you are a knowledgeable investor, it may be more time-effective to focus your energies on your career and family life and leave the active monitoring of your investments to us.
Our Investment Policy Statement is your written assurance that your portfolio will be managed according to an agreed upon strategy.

We look after the day-to-day management and you always have access directly to your advisor and the portfolio manager.

Our reasons for each investment decision we make are logged and available to you upon request.
Our Portfolio Management clients also benefit from discounts on financial planning services and from a fee-based, not a commission-based, fee structure.

Our fee structure ensures that IWG’s interests are aligned with those of our clients.

Advisory Service

Our Advisory service is intended for clients who wish to work together with their advisor to put in place a long-term, buy-and-hold type investment strategy based upon individual goals and needs. This service is ideal for investment accounts where the investment options are sometimes limited, such as pension accounts. This service can also be employed where the client simply prefers a buy-and-hold investment strategy that focuses on long-term goals and does not attempt to make tactical portfolio adjustments in response to changes in investment climate.
Your advisor works with you to optimize your strategy based upon your risk tolerance and return expectations. This affords you the opportunity to take advantage of a professional portfolio manager’s knowledge and experience while keeping advisory costs low.
Your IWG portfolio manager monitors your account on a quarterly basis and makes changes as necessary, always in keeping with the overall investment strategy. This strategy is outlined in your Investment Policy Statement and updated as necessary on a yearly basis. You receive a comprehensive yearly performance review, quarterly statements, and on-line access to your account.

For less than the cost of many collective investment funds, our portfolio advisory service provides a personalized investment strategy based upon your specific investment goals. Unlike funds, you always know which investments you hold in your portfolio and you are not constrained to any investment category. 


The IWG investment and financial planning process will result in a comprehensive investment strategy that takes into account your financial goals as well as market and economic conditions.  

For many people the most important consideration when it comes to investing their savings is not whether they outperform a benchmark or index – it is whether they ultimately reach their financial goals. These goals might pertain to retirement planning, providing for loved ones, safe-guarding a family legacy, or other important issues.

Our investment process is designed to maximise the growth of your portfolio compared to a suitable benchmark in line with your financial goals. On-going supervision, yearly consultations with your advisor, and quarterly updates are designed to keep your investment strategy on track to meet your goals even as market conditions and financial needs change over time.
Of course you always have access directly to your portfolio manager if you require guidance or if your situation changes between consultations and you are never locked into any investment, so if you need to liquidate an investment to meet a sudden financial need, you can do so.

Investment strategies

The IWG investment process is a holistic approach that considers your entire financial picture.

We customize a portfolio strategy to your situation, implement the strategy, and make tactical adjustments while monitoring the results over time. In this manner we ensure that you remain on track to meet your financial goals.
Risk and return are fundamental considerations in any portfolio investment strategy. At IWG, we look at risk from your perspective – in terms of the possibility of not meeting financial goals or of suffering an unacceptable decrease in portfolio value. We manage this risk through diversification, knowledge of how specific investments perform under various economic conditions, and by modifying your overall investment strategy to best benefit from changing market conditions.
A well-diversified portfolio is the cornerstone of a successful investment strategy. Core holdings in stocks, bonds, and cash should be combined with asset classes such as real estate, commodities and currencies for maximum benefit.

Our portfolio management clients benefit from on-going supervision of their investment accounts, quarterly reports on market conditions and account performance, and a comprehensive yearly consultation with their advisor where they go over the results from the previous year and set the direction for the year to come. In this manner clients can always rest assured that their investment strategy will reflect current market conditions as well as changes in lifestyle and financial goals.

It is this combination of portfolio management and financial planning that lies at the heart of the IWG investment process.

Investment Goals

On the simplest level, the question of why people invest is easy to answer: We want to put our capital to work so that it can generate a better return than just sitting idle.
Should you invest your savings?
Investing doesn’t necessarily mean putting your money into stocks and bonds. Buying a home, getting an education, starting a business, or supporting your children in their education or careers, can all be considered investments. All investments come with a certain level of risk: Will your home or rental property increase in value to keep up with inflation and to provide enough security for retirement? Advanced education or starting a business can be expensive – will it pay for itself? Will your children use that education for which you are now paying?
There may be reasons why you should not put your money into portfolio investments. Perhaps your debt service level is higher than the return you could expect to make investing your money – in which case you should pay down your debts first. Or perhaps there may be psychological reasons – maybe you simply feel more comfortable owning a home or other property rather than owning stocks and bonds.
In our first meeting with clients, these are the types of things we discuss to determine which investments are most suitable for you based on your life goals, risk tolerance, and personal preferences. In this manner we can decide whether our services are suitable for you. If it turns out that you would be more comfortable or derive greater benefit or satisfaction from investing elsewhere then we will suggest alternatives and refer you to trusted advisors when we can.

Your risk tolerance and the return you require or expect from your portfolio are two primary considerations when designing an investment strategy.

Risk & Return

When discussing risk, ensure that your financial advisor has the same definition that you have. Most financial advisors think of risk in terms of volatility, but many clients think of risk as maximum expected amount of loss. The two definitions will not necessarily lead to the same type of investment strategy.

Portfolio returns can come in several forms: Capital gains, dividends, and interest. If you are subject to taxation on your investments, then it is important to consider after-tax returns. Equally important is to account for inflation.

You can earn a practically risk-free rate of return in a money market or savings account, but you may actually be losing money in terms of buying power if the interest you earn after taxes and fees does not keep up with inflation.

There are specific forms of risk inherent to every investment, but generally risk can be broken down into that associated with the individual holding (unsystematic risk) and that associated with the market as a whole (systematic risk). There are also important broad-based risks that affect certain types of investors more than others: For example, currency risk for people investing in one currency but spending in another, or interest rate risk for investors whose portfolios contain significant amounts of bonds and other fixed income investments.


Investment Policy

The IWG Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a written agreement between you and IWG that describes how your account will be managed and how it will be evaluated. The document is updated yearly as necessary, in consultation with your IWG Advisor, to reflect changing market conditions and financial goals.
The IPS contains a summary of your investment goals, the strategy to be followed to achieve these goals, allowable risk exposure, any constraints on holdings or asset allocation, and a summary of investment products that may be used. There is also a section outlining the reporting requirements and the benchmark that will be used to evaluate performance.

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