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IWG MARKET INSIGHT | Green Energy – from Hobby Horse to Return Booster

Global equity markets are again at a level similar to one month ago, but volatility has increased. A correction had started at the time of our September update, and it got more pronounced. US tech stocks came down by 12% from the peak. Some of this has already been recovered. But the correction also impacted stocks from sectors that hadn’t done so well earlier this year – for example oil companies falling by 10% in September (following what was already a rather modest recovery), resulting in a loss of 40% over the last 12 months.


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IWG MARKET INSIGHT: Crisis – What Crisis?

Recent Trends Global stock markets have performed a remarkable recovery following the panic sales in March. After losing 35% from the peak, there is now only 10% missing to reach a new top. The market correction mentioned in our last update turned out to be short...

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IWG Market Special: Gold – too late to get in?

Recent Trend From a low point in late 2018, the gold price has gone up by almost 50%. And the upward trend appears to be intact – so far this year the price is up ~20%. Only 10% is missing to the all-time high. Enough is enough? Spot Gold Price USD/ounce What is...

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IWG Market Insight – Covid-19 and beyond

Recent Trends World stock markets have remained volatile over the last month. Initial further recoveries were followed by a correction in May – just over the last two days, equity prices have come down by ~5%. US stock prices are now roughly half-way between the...

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IWG Market Insight – COVID-19 Emerging Picture

Financial markets over the last month Since our last insight on 13 March, world stock markets are up by 6%: After a further quick drop by 7%, they recovered quite strongly over the last two weeks, with a recovery of 3% just this morning. That still leaves them down...

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Are you on track for retirement?

Are you on track for retirement?

The age of retirement is a moving target. Governments across the world are making changes to allow for the shift in the demographics of the aging population.  We are all living longer, that means our retirement provision has to provide us with an income to support our retirement lifestyle choices and to fund the care and medical expenses we may encounter.  

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